Tow Truck Sex

Girls can be really crazy! Especially when you try and tow their vehicles. Welcome to the official tow truck sex site that features all the craziest Bad Tow Truck videos that have been recorded. Here’s what typically happens, when a tow truck decides that they are going to tow a car, once it’s on the truck or the towing process has begun, then the vehicle owner needs to pay for the tow service.


Actual hidden footage of a tow customer.

There’s a secret to this, though, what many don’t know is that the tow truck driver will accept two forms of payment. One, they will accept a hefty cash payment to drop the car and that’ll stop the towing process. Two, if you’re a sexy female and you’re willing to suck dick or spread your legs then you always have that option as well! Some girls rather keep their cash and get one their knees in the tow truck. Do girls actually exist that are willing and able to do this? You better believe it! We installed a video camera in the truck to prove that many girls out there actually aren’t at all afraid to give some blowjob action in this bad two truck instead of paying. This bad tow truck service has shared all the videos of their customers sucking dick instead of paying for their tow!

tow truck sex

Girls are so fucking crazy. They won’t admit they parked in a tow away zone, but they’ll suck your dick to avoid having to pay the tow fee!


Thanks for taking the time to visit, a website dedicated to sharing all the BadTowTruck videos. Please remember that these are 100% exclusive and real videos that have been filmed in the highest HD quality. We add new videos all the time and you can enjoy each and every one of them without having to deal with any abundance of advertising. It really doesn’t get any easier than that to be quite honest! Here is a few samples for you to enjoy.

Sample 1 – Here’s a quick sneak peak of one of the sample videos I have. This was of a nurse that was just getting off work. She didn’t want to get towed so she bartered with the driver. sample 1

Sample 2 – Here’s another screenshot of some of the footage I’ve captured of a recent customer. This girl was a real pain in the ass. Should wouldn’t let me take her car back to the tow yard. She insisted on getting me off instead.

badtowtruck sample 2

If you’re interested in seeing more hidden tow truck sex videos then I’d suggest you check out the Alexis Fawx video showing this blonde mature getting banged.

You should also check out this towing video featuring a girl named Samantha Hayes and her college friend trying to work their way out of getting towed.

If you’re not interested in learning about the business aspects of things, then I’d suggest you just join the site instead of wasting time. Here’s what you’ll get…

what you get


As soon as I launched this website, I immediately began getting a bunch of questions from people about running a tow trucking service business. I decided to share all the information that I’ve provided each of them. You’ll be happy to know all these answers are going to clear up any misconceptions or open-ended questions that still exist about any bad tow truck business.

Why do most think the tow truck business is boring?

Most think this line of business is pretty boring because to the naked eye and individuals that don’t understand the business, it most definitely is boring as ever. They only see us towing vehicles and roaming the streets. I’m sure they have no idea that tow truck drivers actually have sex in their trucks while working.

When should you call a tow truck?

Well, that depends on a few things…first and foremost, you should call a tow truck if your car won’t start. You should also call a tow truck if you own a business and someone has parked in a private spot that you have rights to.

What does the typical tow truck driver have to deal with?

Tow truck drivers have to deal with customers that virtually hate them. If the customer isn’t pissed off that their car won’t start, they are probably upset about it costing them $200+ to get the vehicle released from the tow yard.

Are all or almost all tow trucks bad?

Most tow trucks aren’t bad. However, there are some, such as mine and a few others that might be considered to be bad in nature. What that means is that some trucks are ran by bad boys that like to have sex with hot girls versus collect cash for towing cars.

How To Start And Run A Successful Tow Truck Service

Tow trucks are some of the most lucrative opportunistic services that someone can start. Given that car accidents and inconsiderate drivers parking incorrectly will exist everywhere, it’s no surprise that many want to start a tow truck business. It’s not that difficult to actually start. Once you’re set up it’s simply a matter of finding vehicles to tow. These types of services are dominated by private companies, especially in the Miami Beach area. If you’re looking to start a profitable towing company like the Bad Tow Truck then I’d suggest you keep reading below.

Understand The Business and Local Market

The very first thing you must do once you decide you want to start a tow truck company is to begin to try and understand the towing business itself. If you’re not in tune to what’s required for this type business, then you’ll never survive.

Pick An Area and Get A License

You need to pick an area that you want to control the towing for. Something I like to call the tow zone. You need a solid plan and area if you intend on being able to acquire enough tow jobs to be successful. Once you’ve picked your area, you’ll need to obtain a business license in order to legally run your business.

Find A Tow Truck and Buy It

You can’t own a towing company without having a bad tow truck to drive around! I suggest checking the local ads to try and find a really good deal on a tow truck. Another very important tid bit of information, you must make sure the truck has plenty of room! Spend some money on getting a really nice truck so you can entice customers to have sex with you in lieu of paying for a tow. A pretty horny girl drops to her knees and you drop to the vehicle!

Space To Store Vehicles

You’re also going to need a place to store the vehicles. That means having a fenced in area like a yard or large garage where you can store a number of cars. I’d say at least four vehicles at any given time. Remember, you’ll need a really secure area so that no one can retrieve their cars without paying.

Hire People To Help!

You need to hire good people to try and help grow your business. Hiring the right individuals to get other businesses to contact you during the day in order to find people to tow. The type of people you want to hire are those that really want to work hard and bring in customers.


Now that you’ve literally got everything that you need, you can begin towing vehicles and getting your business underway. However, there is one thing that I should recommend that you invest in and that’s cameras for the tow truck. You’ll want to record customers reactions on video in the event that they begin to get hostile or you’ll want to record them in the event that they want to fuck you instead of paying for their towing service.

badtowtruck access