Veronica Rodriguez Squirt Porn Video


veronica rodriguez squirt video

Veronica Rodriguez is the latest BadTowTruck victim and she had one hell of a challenge working with this tow truck driver when negotiating. In fact, she did all she could do and couldn’t successfully talk her way out of it. However, she was able to squirt her way out of getting her car towed. It was pretty damn crazy and I’m here to share everything I can with you on it now. Now, the fact that this was all recorded on hidden camera in the tow truck is something that already makes it extremely exciting. Having seen a number of hidden camera videos, I’m well aware what is to be considered a great video and what is considered to a terrible one, especially when it comes to amateur porn. Now, here’s what happened in this video…the extremely sexy Veronica Rodriguez runs into the tow truck driver and tries to talk her way out of getting her car towed. She ends up in the truck with her tits out and sucking the drivers dick. Things escalate and that’s when it gets really interesting. Next thing you know, she’s squirting pussy juice all over this guy’s dick in the truck and no doubt she’s having a blast! This might be one of the best Veronica Rodriguez videos I’ve ever seen. This is by far one of the best Bad Tow Truck videos you’ll ever see. Check it out for yourself.

Bad XXX Truck Drivers Love Sex


Sometimes you come across people in life that just have a passion for certain things. Some are very normal and others are rather out of the ordinary. What I can say is that there are quite a few bad xxx truck drivers roaming the streets of South Florida and I’m going to tell you exactly why they do what they do and where!

bad xxx truck

So, if you haven’t figured out by now, I’ve got a strong passion for tow trucks and fucking as do a small number of bad xxx truck drivers that I know. These drivers actually communicate with each other and give pointers on where to find the sexiest girls in sunny South Florida. Most of the trucks are rather large and they even have an extended cabs and beds in the back of the trucks. Oh, but it gets so much better so please don’t judge just yet! A couple of the trucks even have hidden cameras peppered all over the truck. These cameras are not used to blackmail anyone. Instead, they are used for capturing hostile customers should they get out of control and the need for a legal action be taken. Even better, sometimes the cameras are used to record bad xxx videos of girls giving blowjobs or performing other sex acts in an attempt to barter back their vehicles. When they are strapped for cash they must pay with their ass! It’s so common and you might not believe me, but I’m telling you the honest to god truth that this happens all the time! I’ve literally fucked in the tow truck so many times I can’t tell you the number.

Why do tow truck drivers do this? 

You might ask just why we actually do this and what type of rise we really get out of fucking girls for their cars. Well, it’s because we love sex and unless you’re a weirdo or something then you probably love sex too! If you’re a guy and your girlfriend has told you about a tow truck story or some sort of story, there’s a pretty good chance that if she didn’t pay she got fucked or sucked dick to get her car back. Don’t get mad at us though! Get mad at your girl or wife for parking like an asshole! If she didn’t maybe she wouldn’t get hers filled by the big bad tow truck!

Kylie Sinner’s “Tow Blow” Job


Kylie Sinner Tow Blow Job

When a tow truck driver pulls over to help a damsel in distress named Kylie Sinner, he doesn’t expect to be the one getting the helping hand. As our badtowtruck driver passes by a hot little brunette on the side of the road, he checks out her assets and situation and offers to tow her for three hundred dollars. Short on both cash and morals, she politely asks him if she can settle her bill by wrapping her pretty little mouth around his cock so she doesn’t have to explain to her boyfriend that she took his car without permission. Ever the gentleman, our hero obliges her and makes sure that she gets a good long taste of both human kindness and his thick, hot cum. Maybe next time she’ll get herself into some real trouble so she has to offer up her wet little pussy in exchange for some good, old-fashioned chivalry.

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Redhead Sucks Dick in Tow Truck Hidden Cam Video


red head blows bad tow truck-driver

Do you like cute girls with red hair? I do too! Bad girls know how to get what they want and this slammin’ hot redhead is no exception at all. When she sees her car being loaded up onto the flatbed, she runs out to beg for it to be put back down onto the ground. The driver certainly has a soft spot for pretty girls (even milfs like Alexis Fawx too) but is also honor bound to finish his job and cart her beloved auto away unless she can come up with the cash she owes the city right then and there. Luckily for the both of them, his honor system allows for bartering in lieu of cash. She offers the best blowjob of his life to settle her debt and he happily obliges her in back of his truck. Even though he goes a little above and beyond by giving her pussy a friendly rub, seeing her cum covered face earns her back her car. Now, if you think this is the first time the towing company has run into this situation then you’re crazy.

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Towing Company Films Tow Truck Sex Video


towing company sex video

After a full night of clubbing and drinking, these two girls made their way back to the car to find it hooked up by a towing company and it was ready to be towed away. After no small amount of begging and pleading, the driver tells them that he can’t let it go, but he can give them a courtesy ride to an ATM to settle their debt. However, once they get there, things take a bit of a turn when the girls spread their legs instead of their wallets. After a little more pleading the driver forgets all about the job that he has to do and takes a ride on the girl with the juiciest tits instead. Who says work always has to come first? When a tight, wet pussy is being offered to you, sometimes you just have to be the one coming first. After all, there are plenty of cars out there! I absolutely love making and watching all these tow truck videos. If you like what you see, then I’m pretty certain you will absolutely love as well!

Nurse Sex Recorded On Tape To Avoid Getting Towed


nurse sex tow truck porn

Tomi Taylor was a nurse and one of my latest customers. As a tow truck driver, sometimes you have to do bad things to good people. When this woman running after her car turns out to be a friendly nurse who was only away from her car for a few minutes, I could feel my karma worsening by the second. Luckily, she offered to give a full check-up in the cab of the badtowtruck in return me to drop her car for her. As a pretty reasonable guy, I agreed and dropped my pants for a full roadside exam. Medicine apparently means something different these days since the nurse’s idea of a checkup seems to be testing how long she can suck my cock before I blew my thick load inside of her mouth. New nurses must also be trained at how to take a patients’ temperature with their pussies because she wasted no time in sliding my cock deep inside here. Turns out I’m pretty healthy after all and I’m going to make sure I look for nurses to tow now that I know about this new check up process! LOL, I unhooked the car for her and just saved her $200.

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Not Again Does Devyn Heart Get Towed!


devyn hart not again

Devyn Heart was absolutely shocked when she saw the bad tow truck come along! She screamed, “not again!” because, yes you got it, she had done it once again. Now, not all days are typical when you spend them on the road. Tow truck driver sex is not very common and today was certainly special because of what happened. After I finished loading up yet another car, the gorgeous car owner and her extremely hot girlfriend showed up. They caught me in the act too. I gave them the usual speech about needing cash in order for me to unhook it and get them on their way.

That’s when things took a bit of a turn. The owner seemed to think that her pussy could pass as her I.D. because she pulled down her tight yoga pants and asked if I’ve ever seen a prettier little thing in my entire life. Before I was able to ask for a closer look, I found himself showing her the back of my cab. My cock was in her mouth while her best friend played with her friends wet pussy from behind. Good friends help you move, but best friends eat you out while you suck cock! Especially when you’re in the process of getting towed and it’s not the first time!

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Two Girls Have Sex In A Truck


Two Girls Having Sex In A Truck


sex in a truck

Being kind can get you far in life, but being kind to two girls who find their car hooked up to your tow truck can get you deep and wet. After all, there is nothing better than two girls having sex in a truck right??? When these two hotties fail at convincing the driver to let them go, they ask him for a simple gentlemanly ride to the ATM and he relents. On the way, however, they start wondering out loud if money is even necessary to get their wheels back. A few well-placed smiles later, the truck is pulled over and he’s being treated to dueling blowjobs from two of the best cocksuckers on the planet. The girl’s friendship must run deep because they’ve developed to ability to finish each other’s orgasms. While one rides the driver, the other watches and lets her fingers do a little walking. A few switch ups later and they can relax while the cum dries on their tits. I should probably mention that this is a regular occurrence for our BadTowTruck company! If you’re looking to get some hot girls car towed away, just call us and we’ll either tow it or pound the fuck out of them in the tow truck. Oh, we’ll also do it all on video for you to enjoy. Hahah!

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You Can’t Be Serious Samantha Hayes Tow Truck Video


A girl named Samantha Hayes was having a bad tow truck kinda day with one of her friends. But the naughty girls somehow always manage to get their way. When these two came out to find their car strapped to the tow truck with the driver nowhere to be found, they thought it would be a good idea to try and release it and drive off without him ever knowing. He said to himself, “you can’t be serious!” and was pretty pissed off. This isn’t as bad as having to tow a milf like Alexis Fawx but it’s still a pain for the driver to have to deal with.

bad tow truck samantha hayes video

Unfortunately for them, he came out just in time to catch them red handed and ordered them to get out. After a little sweet talking, however, the two convince him to forget he ever saw them in exchange for the best deep throat of his life. When you have two hot girls offering to swallow your cock, how can you possibly refuse or negotiate in your favor? The driver even goes balls deep into some wet pussy to pay for his excess aggravation and emotional stress. Who says that breaking the rules doesn’t pay? You just have to be willing to suck cock as a result! This hidden tow truck video says a lot about how bad xxx tow trucks really can be!


Milf Alexis Fawx and Her Bad Tow Day


Ever have a really bad day thinking that it can’t get any worse? Well, Alexis Fawx is a hot blonde mature milf that seem to be having a really bad day. This alpha milf parked her Jeep in a tow away zone while out shopping with one of her girlfriends….

alexis fawx video

She was absolutely unreasonable and was pretty much yelling at me over putting her car on the tow truck. I told Alexis that I really didn’t give a shit who she was or how powerful or even pretty she was. All I was focused on was getting paid for towing her SUV. I could have sworn I had that I things all under control, that was until Alexis Fawx took this conversation and turned it 180 degrees. No sooner did the screaming stop and we were in the bad tow truck getting naked. Alexis was sucking my dick like I’ve never had it sucked before and that started to turn her on a lot! One thing led to another and I had her bent over fucking her doggystyle harder than I’ve ever fucked before. It was the best tow job I’ve ever had. See Alexis Fawx’s full towing video – click here.