Not Again Does Devyn Heart Get Towed!


devyn hart not again

Devyn Heart was absolutely shocked when she saw the bad tow truck come along! She screamed, “not again!” because, yes you got it, she had done it once again. Now, not all days are typical when you spend them on the road. Tow truck driver sex is not very common and today was certainly special because of what happened. After I finished loading up yet another car, the gorgeous car owner and her extremely hot girlfriend showed up. They caught me in the act too. I gave them the usual speech about needing cash in order for me to unhook it and get them on their way.

That’s when things took a bit of a turn. The owner seemed to think that her pussy could pass as her I.D. because she pulled down her tight yoga pants and asked if I’ve ever seen a prettier little thing in my entire life. Before I was able to ask for a closer look, I found himself showing her the back of my cab. My cock was in her mouth while her best friend played with her friends wet pussy from behind. Good friends help you move, but best friends eat you out while you suck cock! Especially when you’re in the process of getting towed and it’s not the first time!

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