Nurse Sex Recorded On Tape To Avoid Getting Towed


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Tomi Taylor was a nurse and one of my latest customers. As a tow truck driver, sometimes you have to do bad things to good people. When this woman running after her car turns out to be a friendly nurse who was only away from her car for a few minutes, I could feel my karma worsening by the second. Luckily, she offered to give a full check-up in the cab of the badtowtruck in return me to drop her car for her. As a pretty reasonable guy, I agreed and dropped my pants for a full roadside exam. Medicine apparently means something different these days since the nurse’s idea of a checkup seems to be testing how long she can suck my cock before I blew my thick load inside of her mouth. New nurses must also be trained at how to take a patients’ temperature with their pussies because she wasted no time in sliding my cock deep inside here. Turns out I’m pretty healthy after all and I’m going to make sure I look for nurses to tow now that I know about this new check up process! LOL, I unhooked the car for her and just saved her $200.

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