Milf Alexis Fawx and Her Bad Tow Day


Ever have a really bad day thinking that it can’t get any worse? Well, Alexis Fawx is a hot blonde mature milf that seem to be having a really bad day. This alpha milf parked her Jeep in a tow away zone while out shopping with one of her girlfriends….

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She was absolutely unreasonable and was pretty much yelling at me over putting her car on the tow truck. I told Alexis that I really didn’t give a shit who she was or how powerful or even pretty she was. All I was focused on was getting paid for towing her SUV. I could have sworn I had that I things all under control, that was until Alexis Fawx took this conversation and turned it 180 degrees. No sooner did the screaming stop and we were in the bad tow truck getting naked. Alexis was sucking my dick like I’ve never had it sucked before and that started to turn her on a lot! One thing led to another and I had her bent over fucking her doggystyle harder than I’ve ever fucked before. It was the best tow job I’ve ever had. See Alexis Fawx’s full towing video – click here.