Towing Company Films Tow Truck Sex Video


towing company sex video

After a full night of clubbing and drinking, these two girls made their way back to the car to find it hooked up by a towing company and it was ready to be towed away. After no small amount of begging and pleading, the driver tells them that he can’t let it go, but he can give them a courtesy ride to an ATM to settle their debt. However, once they get there, things take a bit of a turn when the girls spread their legs instead of their wallets. After a little more pleading the driver forgets all about the job that he has to do and takes a ride on the girl with the juiciest tits instead. Who says work always has to come first? When a tight, wet pussy is being offered to you, sometimes you just have to be the one coming first. After all, there are plenty of cars out there! I absolutely love making and watching all these tow truck videos. If you like what you see, then I’m pretty certain you will absolutely love as well!

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