Two Girls Having Sex In A Truck


sex in a truck

Being kind can get you far in life, but being kind to two girls who find their car hooked up to your tow truck can get you deep and wet. After all, there is nothing better than two girls having sex in a truck right??? When these two hotties fail at convincing the driver to let them go, they ask him for a simple gentlemanly ride to the ATM and he relents. On the way, however, they start wondering out loud if money is even necessary to get their wheels back. A few well-placed smiles later, the truck is pulled over and he’s being treated to dueling blowjobs from two of the best cocksuckers on the planet. The girl’s friendship must run deep because they’ve developed to ability to finish each other’s orgasms. While one rides the driver, the other watches and lets her fingers do a little walking. A few switch ups later and they can relax while the cum dries on their tits. I should probably mention that this is a regular occurrence for our BadTowTruck company! If you’re looking to get some hot girls car towed away, just call us and we’ll either tow it or pound the fuck out of them in the tow truck. Oh, we’ll also do it all on video for you to enjoy. Hahah!

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