You Can’t Be Serious Samantha Hayes Tow Truck Video


A girl named Samantha Hayes was having a bad tow truck kinda day with one of her friends. But the naughty girls somehow always manage to get their way. When these two came out to find their car strapped to the tow truck with the driver nowhere to be found, they thought it would be a good idea to try and release it and drive off without him ever knowing. He said to himself, “you can’t be serious!” and was pretty pissed off. This isn’t as bad as having to tow a milf like Alexis Fawx but it’s still a pain for the driver to have to deal with.

bad tow truck samantha hayes video

Unfortunately for them, he came out just in time to catch them red handed and ordered them to get out. After a little sweet talking, however, the two convince him to forget he ever saw them in exchange for the best deep throat of his life. When you have two hot girls offering to swallow your cock, how can you possibly refuse or negotiate in your favor? The driver even goes balls deep into some wet pussy to pay for his excess aggravation and emotional stress. Who says that breaking the rules doesn’t pay? You just have to be willing to suck cock as a result! This hidden tow truck video says a lot about how bad xxx tow trucks really can be!


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